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About Us

Hi, My name is Kendall and I live in Rockingham, Western Australia with my husband and two young sons.

How I got started with cloth nappies

When I had my eldest son in 2009, I had no intention of using cloth nappies. I thought of cloth nappies as involving heaps of washing and only knew about the nappies my mum used to use on my youngest sister, all folding and pins. No way did I want to be involved in that.

My Mum however was very keen on the idea of me using cloth and bought me my first one. A Peapod pocket nappy. Then everytime I saw her she asked, 'Have you tried the nappy yet?' I hadn't. When my son was about 5 weeks old I thought I'd try it so I'd have an answer for her and she would stop trying to convince me to use them. Well...at that point my addiction started.

The nappy was alot easier to use than I had thought. It didn't require special washing and it looked so cute. Unfortunately it wasn't a great fit on my son and leaked. I thought there must be other options out there and started looking around for other brands, but I couldn't find many places to see cloth nappies in real life in WA. There were no stores where I could look at a variety of samples so I bought some nappies online. That was when I decided to open my own store.

Australian Baby Supplies

Australian Baby Supplies online store is located in Western Australia.

With my experience from using cloth nappies on my two sons I can offer advice and help troubleshoot any problems you may have.

Although I started this business with cloth nappies in mind, it has evolved over time to include a bigger range of other baby and toddler products. I am also always discovering new items to add to our range.

Australian Baby Supplies is a fully registered business.

ABN: 618 291 26019

Call us: 0402537286

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