Washing Your Cloth Nappies

Washing cloth nappies is the one thing that puts lots of people off using them, but it doesn’t have to be hard. Follow these easy tips for clean nappies!

After using the nappy, flush any solids into the toilet and rinse before putting it in a dry pail. A dry pail is a bucket without water.

Every 2 days (or sooner if you have enough nappies for a load), place your nappies in the washing machine and do a pre-rinse. When the pre-rinse is finished do a regular/long wash with the amount of detergent recommended on the washing detergent bottle. When washing/rinsing do not exceed 60% water temperature!

Line drying your cloth nappies helps to sun out stains and is the recommended choice, unless your nappy manufacturer recommends tumble drying. This will depend on the specific materials your nappy is made from.

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Toilet Training Products

Do I need to buy anything to toilet train my child? No, you can toilet train your child easily without any extra purchases (apart from undies), but there are some products that will make toilet training easier.

Toilet Training Pants
Toilet training pants come ina variety of styles. You can get sized ones, like Close Parent Trainers, that will give a slimmer fit or one size fits all ones that will last for a longer time. Some training pants can be boosted to create extra absorbency. Going to the shops and don’t want an accident if you can’t make it to the toilet in time? Put some boosters into Super Undies or Grovia training pants and your problem will be solved. Toilet training at night? Try some Super Undies Bedwetting Pants which allow for increased absorbency.

Grovia My Choice Trainers and Super Undies Snap On Trainers help make cleaning up easier by offering snap closure. These allow your child to pull them up and down by themselves when snapped closed but allow for easier removal if a messy accident occurs.

Super Undies Training Pants come in a variety of styles and colours.

Super Undies Training Pants come in a variety of styles and colours.

Mattress Protectors

These are great for night time training and allow for fuss free clean up if an accident occurs. Forget changing all the sheets, just take the mattress protector off and replace it with another.  Pikapu Mattress Protectors come in red, blue and white.


If your child is toilet training at a younger age you might want to start with something closer to the ground, like a potty. Not essential though- many children start straight on the toilet.

Toilet SeatsWee Targets will teach your son to aim!

Small children may be scared about sitting on the toilet if they feel they might fall in. A toilet seat is designed to fit on your toilet giving younger children the protection they require by making the seat fit their little bottom, requiring less balance and allowing for a feeling of safety.

Wee Targets

Sick of your boy weeing on the floor? A Wee Target will give them something to aim for.  These heat sensitive targets stick on the toilet bowl and change to a picture when they have been hit with urine. A perfect accessory for potty training boys.

Close Car Seat Protectors come in fun prints

Close Car Seat Protectors come in fun prints

  Close Car Seat Protectors

Don’t want to have to keep taking your car seat out to wash the cover because of accidents? Close Car Seat Protectors are designed to sit in your car seat for protection. If your child has an accident in the car- just remove (these just sit in) and wash/dry and it is ready to be used again.  These can also be used in high chairs or strollers.

 These are some of the products you may find useful if toilet training your child. What was your favourite toilet training essential?

Toilet Training Your Child

There is no set age when potty or toilet training will be easier and just magically happen. Like everything child related, it depends on your child. Children could be ready at any time from 18months to 4 years.  Here are some of the signs that your child is ready to start toilet training. They may exhibit some or all of these.

* Dislikes wearing a wet or dirty nappy
If your child tries to take their wet or dirty nappy off or tells you when they have done a wee or poo, then they are starting to recognise that being wet is not comfortable for them. They may be interested in preventing that feeling.

* Can they tell you when they are about to wet themselves? Or even recognise when they are starting to wee or poo?  If they can do this then they are starting to become aware of their bodies signals.

* Shows interest in the bathroom
Do they want to follow you into the bathroom to see what happens?  They may be willing to have a try themselves.

*Can they follow simple instructions?
You will need to tell them what to do and they will need to be able to sit still and pull up/down their pants (although they can start with assistance).

*Do they have dry times throughout the day?
As children get older and they develop some bladder control they will start having periods throughout the day/night where they stay dry. If your child is able to hold their bladder for a while then they are ready to start training.

These are some of the main signs that your child is ready to start potty or toilet training. When you have seen these signs what do you do then? Stay tuned for part 2 with some tips for toilet training your youngster.

itti bitti

Pop In Modern Cloth Nappies Review

Pop In nappies are one of my favourite nappies and are currently the workhorse of my nappy stash. After using them with both my children I have found that they fit a variety of shapes and sizes. They are also superPop In Nappy Packages easy to use. I attach the insert when I am putting away the washing so I only have to place the nappy on my son and do up the Velcro. This makes them great to use for people who are unfamiliar with modern cloth nappies as they are just like a disposable.

 I started using pop in nappies about 3 years ago with my son, when I was looking for a night nappy option. They were fantastic! We never had any leaks and I used them with a night booster until my son outgrew them when he was about 2 1/2.  I then started using them on my youngest when he was a few weeks old and at 14 months most of my nappy stash is now made up of them. I use them for both day and night. At this stage I don’t have to add a night booster to get through over night but am fully prepared for when I might have to do so.  

Pop In Nappies come in cute prints

Pop In Nappies are available in cute prints.

Pop In Nappies are great quality. The New Gen nappies I have, have had over a year of use and they are still going strong.  I fully expect they will last until toilet training. I also still have the older version that I bought for my eldest! The only sign of wear they have is their only downside, which is the bleaching effect of acidic urine. My son didn’t show any signs of teething until he was 11 months old. At that stage the nappies inserts changed from the grey colour they had been when purchased to having what looked like bleached white spots. This bleaching effect is a classic sign of acidic urine. They are still fully functional and a few months later that is the only sign of my sons acidic wee.

Pop In Monkey Print Nappies These nappies can be purchased with either minkee or bamboo inserts. I have a mixture of both but prefer the more natural bamboo. Like everything with modern cloth nappies, it really does come down to personal preference and your child. For example if your child has sensitive skin you would want to use the bamboo version, but if you want something faster drying you’d choose the minky.

These modern cloth nappies can be bought individually or in a nappy package. You can find them at the Australian Baby Supplies online store.

Mother-ease Nappy Giveaway

Thanks to everyone who entered the Mother-ease nappy giveaway. The two winners have been selected and emailed. The winners were Bonnie Thomson and Jenni Braden. Congratulations!

Mother-ease nappies are now available at our store. If interested in purchasing you can find them here.Mother-ease one size nappies are now available at www.australianbabysupplies.com.au

Mother-ease Giveaway

Mother-ease One Size Nappy Trial PackDo you want to win a Mother-ease trial pack? We have been given two trial packs to give away. Each trial pack consists of a mother-ease one size nappy, one booster and a cover (RRP $42).

The Mother-ease One Size Nappy, fits from newborn to toilet training (3.5-16kg). This amazing bamboo or cotton terry nappy actually grows with your baby! Soft rib-knit binding covers the elastic at waist and leg openings. The strategically placed snaps can be manipulated to accommodate your baby’s growing needs, and are reinforced to ensure that they never pull out of the nappy. The brushed terry fabric provides your baby with a wonderfully comfortable and beautifully-fitting garment.

This nappy requires a waterproof cover. Use the One-Size Nappy with the Air-Flow or Rikki covers for a leak-proof nappy system. These nappy covers are sized and have been designed specifically to cover Mother-ease one size and Sandy’s nappies.

The Snap in Booster will add three layers of extra absorbency (essential for overnight and recommended for older babies). 

How to enter

To enter visit the www.australianbabysupplies.com.au website and let us know by commenting here which colour Mother-ease one-size nappy is your favourite.

You can get additional entries by
*Sharing this giveaway on facebook
*Tweet about this giveaway using @AustralianBaby in your tweet.
* Leaving a review on any product in the Australian Baby Supplies store. Once you have left your review please comment here with the product the review is on.
Please leave a separate comment here for each entry (maximum 5 entries).

Competition ends 12th May 2013. Entries are only open to Australian residents and will be selected by Australian Baby Supplies store owner. Two winners will be chosen and each will receive 1 mother-ease Nappy Trial Pack (RRP $42). By entering you agree to our terms and conditions.

Cloth Nappy Hunt

Have you heard about the Cloth Nappy Hunt or heard about it but not interested in cloth nappies? That’s ok, as many of the sponsors are involved in businesses that are not related to cloth nappies.

It is happening online during March and involves searching a range of businesses for the cloth nappy hunt icon. You can find out more information by clicking here. 

There are 114 icon sponsors all up, made up of 6 extremes and 108 regulars.  Many of the sponsors provide a mini hunt requiring you to solve up to 4 clues. Regular sponsors hide the icon on a standard page of their site so even if you don’t follow the clues you can still find it. However, if you are up for a challenge, try an extreme. With an extreme hunt you must solve clues and work out where to put them which can be very difficult at times and you will not locate an extreme icon by looking around the website.

It is free to participate and all registrants receive a discount code that can be used at many of the sponsor’s stores.  There are also many prizes to win.

I know in past hunts I have spent hours hunting and discovered many fabulous businesses and products from a variety of smaller businesses.

If you are taking part – happy hunting :)

New Nappies

I’ve bought new nappies now what do I do with them? Do I really have to wash them 6+ times before I can use them?

It’s so nice to get new cloth nappies. The first thing I do is have a play so I can see how any inserts/boosters attach.

After this you will need to wash them before use. Tip: Put your new nappies in a bucket of cold water overnight! Some cloth nappy manufacturers recommend you wash your nappies many times before using them to build up absorbency. Placing them in a bucket of water for a few hours does the same thing. If you do decide to only wash them once before use to get rid of any manufacturing residue that’s fine too, just be aware that your nappies won’t be as absorbent as they will be after a few uses and change your child more regularly in the meantime. 

Why all the pre-washing? washing prepares the nappy fibres and helps reach full absorbency. It “raises all the tiny threads on each fibre loop – kind of like pulling the branches out on a fake Christmas Tree … so that there are more ends for the moisture to catch onto. More washing = more fluffy ends = faster absorbency and less chance of leaking” (Tiffany Sirisisavath, Bumboo). If your nappies haven’t had enough pre washes you run the risk of your child’s urine being repelled and running straight off the fabric.

Once washed put your nappies together (if required) and they are ready for use.

Developing Confidence

Since having my second son I have found out about the huge world of babywearing. I had a structured carrier and a sling for my eldest and didn’t realise there were so many more types. There are a huge variety of carriers that I am slowly becoming familiar with.

One of my favourites is a wrap and i just had to share this picture. It is the first time I ever tried a back carry outside of my house. I have been practising at home but lack the confidence to carry this way in public as I find it so hard to get my son up on my back and wrapped by myself, without a mirror to see what I am doing. 

Babyearing Back Carry

Back carries are great as they allow me to use my arms freely whilst my son can see more as he can look around and over my shoulder.  

Is there anything that you’ve ever lacked the confidence to do? Have you managed to overcome it with practise or with another method?

Nappy Acronyms

Are you new to nappies and are struggling to figure out what a particular abbreviation means? If you are involved in any nappy forums this list might help. If you have one that you think I should add please let me know what it is and I may add it.

AIO –All in one nappy
AI2– All in two nappy
BB– Bubblebubs
BBH– Baby Beehinds
BTP– Birth to potty
BV– Bamboo Velour
CT– Cute Tooshies
EC– Elimination Communication
FOE– Fold over elastic. A wide elastic used to bind the edge of nappies
GDUNH– The great down under nappy hunt
GNST– Bubblebubs good night sleep tight nappy
IB– Itti Bitti
LS– Little Squirt- a sprayer that attaches to the toilet
MCN– Modern cloth nappy
OS– One size
OSFA– One size fits all
OSFM– One size fits most
OV– Organic velour
PUL– Polyurethane laminate, a fabric to which a waterproof laminate has been applied.
SS– Side snaps
TT- Touchtape is a hook and loop tape used in nappies like velcro or aplix.
TT– Toilet training

Some other meanings that you may be interested in:
Booster: Absorbent material that is laid inside a nappy to provide extra absorbency.
Rise: The measurement from the front of a babies waist through the legs to the waist at the back.
Trifold: A booster that folds into 3.
Wick: The movement of liquid via fabric.