Pop In Modern Cloth Nappies Review

Pop In nappies are one of my favourite nappies and are currently the workhorse of my nappy stash. After using them with both my children I have found that they fit a variety of shapes and sizes. They are also superPop In Nappy Packages easy to use. I attach the insert when I am putting away the washing so I only have to place the nappy on my son and do up the Velcro. This makes them great to use for people who are unfamiliar with modern cloth nappies as they are just like a disposable.

 I started using pop in nappies about 3 years ago with my son, when I was looking for a night nappy option. They were fantastic! We never had any leaks and I used them with a night booster until my son outgrew them when he was about 2 1/2.  I then started using them on my youngest when he was a few weeks old and at 14 months most of my nappy stash is now made up of them. I use them for both day and night. At this stage I don’t have to add a night booster to get through over night but am fully prepared for when I might have to do so.  

Pop In Nappies come in cute prints

Pop In Nappies are available in cute prints.

Pop In Nappies are great quality. The New Gen nappies I have, have had over a year of use and they are still going strong.  I fully expect they will last until toilet training. I also still have the older version that I bought for my eldest! The only sign of wear they have is their only downside, which is the bleaching effect of acidic urine. My son didn’t show any signs of teething until he was 11 months old. At that stage the nappies inserts changed from the grey colour they had been when purchased to having what looked like bleached white spots. This bleaching effect is a classic sign of acidic urine. They are still fully functional and a few months later that is the only sign of my sons acidic wee.

Pop In Monkey Print Nappies These nappies can be purchased with either minkee or bamboo inserts. I have a mixture of both but prefer the more natural bamboo. Like everything with modern cloth nappies, it really does come down to personal preference and your child. For example if your child has sensitive skin you would want to use the bamboo version, but if you want something faster drying you’d choose the minky.

These modern cloth nappies can be bought individually or in a nappy package. You can find them at the Australian Baby Supplies online store.

Pikapu Newborn Cloth Nappies Review

I started using the Pikapu Newborn Nappies when my baby was a few weeks old. This was about when they first came out. They are available in 3 colours white, lavender and baby blue and are designed to fit from 2 to 6kg.Pikapu Blue Newborn Nappy

My son was born at 3.77kg so I thought I would not have long to use them. How wrong was I! He didn’t start putting weight on until he was almost 5 months old. He is now 8 months and we are still using our Pikapu Newborn Nappies. At 8 months and just over 7kgs, they do require one of the newborn inserts to prevent leaks but they are still going strong.

These nappies are really easy to use. Just put baby on the nappy and velcro closed. There is no snapping required. I just put one insert under the all in onePikapu Lavender Newborn Nappy insert that is attached to the nappy, to increase the absorbency.

I have been using these a couple of times a week for the last 8 months and they are still in great condition. The only problem I have is that the laundry tabs are fluffy and do not hold as well any more. The rest of the nappy- elastic, velcro etc is perfect.    

For $22.95 RRP I think they are great value and while most children won’t get as much wear out of them as mine has, look after them correctly and they should be in a good enough condition to store for a future child or to sell second hand.

I would recommend these for anyone starting out with cloth nappies for their newborn. The microfleece they are made from means they dry quickly, a PUL outer makes them waterproof and the leg gussets really help to prevent any leaks or explosions.