Cloth Nappy Hunt

Have you heard about the Cloth Nappy Hunt or heard about it but not interested in cloth nappies? That’s ok, as many of the sponsors are involved in businesses that are not related to cloth nappies.

It is happening online during March and involves searching a range of businesses for the cloth nappy hunt icon. You can find out more information by clicking here. 

There are 114 icon sponsors all up, made up of 6 extremes and 108 regulars.  Many of the sponsors provide a mini hunt requiring you to solve up to 4 clues. Regular sponsors hide the icon on a standard page of their site so even if you don’t follow the clues you can still find it. However, if you are up for a challenge, try an extreme. With an extreme hunt you must solve clues and work out where to put them which can be very difficult at times and you will not locate an extreme icon by looking around the website.

It is free to participate and all registrants receive a discount code that can be used at many of the sponsor’s stores.  There are also many prizes to win.

I know in past hunts I have spent hours hunting and discovered many fabulous businesses and products from a variety of smaller businesses.

If you are taking part – happy hunting :)


  1. Bethany Sweeney says:

    Good fun hunt! I had to google Grommets, guess who grew up a long way from the coast 😉
    And thanks for getting back to me in the hunting thread about the Ones and Twos :)

  2. Renae Elsie Georg says:

    This is my 4th hunt and I absolutely love it. Even hubby gets in on it trying to work out the extreme clues. So much fun, lots of new knowledge to be gained, great pages to be found, and possible prizes to win. Thanks for sponsoring such a great event.

    • I love sponsoring (and participating) in the hunt. I get my hubby to help out with clues too- he always give me a perspective I hadn’t thought of. Thanks for visiting my page.

  3. Having fun doing the hunt :)

  4. Kellie Banyer says:

    Loving the hunt and your Aussie themed one!! Hoping to win a prize this year!! :-)

  5. Kristy Matthews says:

    I did my first hunt in 2007 when my youngest was a newbie, I did a few more after that then gave it up as my littles ones weren’t so little anymore. I’m pregnant with #3 at the moment and have got right back in to it! I found all the icons for the first time ever :)

  6. Last day! Fingers crossed!!

  7. kylie ford says:

    love the hunt hopefully will get them all next year i keep improving:)

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