Developing Confidence

Since having my second son I have found out about the huge world of babywearing. I had a structured carrier and a sling for my eldest and didn’t realise there were so many more types. There are a huge variety of carriers that I am slowly becoming familiar with.

One of my favourites is a wrap and i just had to share this picture. It is the first time I ever tried a back carry outside of my house. I have been practising at home but lack the confidence to carry this way in public as I find it so hard to get my son up on my back and wrapped by myself, without a mirror to see what I am doing. 

Babyearing Back Carry

Back carries are great as they allow me to use my arms freely whilst my son can see more as he can look around and over my shoulder.  

Is there anything that you’ve ever lacked the confidence to do? Have you managed to overcome it with practise or with another method?