Frequency of Nappy Changes

Sorry if this post seems a little judgemental but i’m feeling judgemental today. I was just speaking with someone and they mentioned  that they only change their baby twice a day!!!!! Once in the morning and once at night time before bed. Really???? It seems to be becoming more common that people rarely change their children.

I change approx every 2 hours or when I notice the nappy is wet or dirty except at night time, if he is asleep during the day or sometimes if I’m out and not near changing facilities. With my first son I was changing about 15-20 times a day until he was about 6 months as he would cry and wriggle around as soon as the nappy was a tiny bit damp. He’d only wet a tiny, miniscule amount but would do so frequently. It was one of the reasons i changed to cloth nappies. The cost of buying so many disposables was huge. Yes, disposables can hold a lot but I think the question to ask is should they? Even the disposable companies themselves recommend frequent changing.

It’s not just disposable users that are decreasing the amount of nappy changes either. I still remember a comment I read on a forum a few months ago. A lady was complaining, as the brand of cloth nappies she had bought wouldn’t last more than 5 hours during the day.  

So Why is it important to change your baby regularly? There are 2 main reasons that I can think of

1. Comfort

2. Wetness against your baby, poo and the ammonia in urine can affect their skin and lead to nappy rash.

Is it any wonder with the reluctance of some parents to change their child’s nappy regularly that sales of nappy rash cream is skyrocketing?

In general the number of times you will change your baby will vary as each baby is different and will change as they get older. However,  newborns will have approximately 8-12 changes and these will decrease as they get older to approximately 5-6 changes. 

How often do you change your child’s nappy?