Nappy Acronyms

Are you new to nappies and are struggling to figure out what a particular abbreviation means? If you are involved in any nappy forums this list might help. If you have one that you think I should add please let me know what it is and I may add it.

AIO –All in one nappy
AI2– All in two nappy
BB– Bubblebubs
BBH– Baby Beehinds
BTP– Birth to potty
BV– Bamboo Velour
CT– Cute Tooshies
EC– Elimination Communication
FOE– Fold over elastic. A wide elastic used to bind the edge of nappies
GDUNH– The great down under nappy hunt
GNST– Bubblebubs good night sleep tight nappy
IB– Itti Bitti
LS– Little Squirt- a sprayer that attaches to the toilet
MCN– Modern cloth nappy
OS– One size
OSFA– One size fits all
OSFM– One size fits most
OV– Organic velour
PUL– Polyurethane laminate, a fabric to which a waterproof laminate has been applied.
SS– Side snaps
TT- Touchtape is a hook and loop tape used in nappies like velcro or aplix.
TT– Toilet training

Some other meanings that you may be interested in:
Booster: Absorbent material that is laid inside a nappy to provide extra absorbency.
Rise: The measurement from the front of a babies waist through the legs to the waist at the back.
Trifold: A booster that folds into 3.
Wick: The movement of liquid via fabric.