Toilet Training Products

Do I need to buy anything to toilet train my child? No, you can toilet train your child easily without any extra purchases (apart from undies), but there are some products that will make toilet training easier.

Toilet Training Pants
Toilet training pants come ina variety of styles. You can get sized ones, like Close Parent Trainers, that will give a slimmer fit or one size fits all ones that will last for a longer time. Some training pants can be boosted to create extra absorbency. Going to the shops and don’t want an accident if you can’t make it to the toilet in time? Put some boosters into Super Undies or Grovia training pants and your problem will be solved. Toilet training at night? Try some Super Undies Bedwetting Pants which allow for increased absorbency.

Grovia My Choice Trainers and Super Undies Snap On Trainers help make cleaning up easier by offering snap closure. These allow your child to pull them up and down by themselves when snapped closed but allow for easier removal if a messy accident occurs.

Super Undies Training Pants come in a variety of styles and colours.

Super Undies Training Pants come in a variety of styles and colours.

Mattress Protectors

These are great for night time training and allow for fuss free clean up if an accident occurs. Forget changing all the sheets, just take the mattress protector off and replace it with another.  Pikapu Mattress Protectors come in red, blue and white.


If your child is toilet training at a younger age you might want to start with something closer to the ground, like a potty. Not essential though- many children start straight on the toilet.

Toilet SeatsWee Targets will teach your son to aim!

Small children may be scared about sitting on the toilet if they feel they might fall in. A toilet seat is designed to fit on your toilet giving younger children the protection they require by making the seat fit their little bottom, requiring less balance and allowing for a feeling of safety.

Wee Targets

Sick of your boy weeing on the floor? A Wee Target will give them something to aim for.  These heat sensitive targets stick on the toilet bowl and change to a picture when they have been hit with urine. A perfect accessory for potty training boys.

Close Car Seat Protectors come in fun prints

Close Car Seat Protectors come in fun prints

  Close Car Seat Protectors

Don’t want to have to keep taking your car seat out to wash the cover because of accidents? Close Car Seat Protectors are designed to sit in your car seat for protection. If your child has an accident in the car- just remove (these just sit in) and wash/dry and it is ready to be used again.  These can also be used in high chairs or strollers.

 These are some of the products you may find useful if toilet training your child. What was your favourite toilet training essential?

Toilet Training Your Child

There is no set age when potty or toilet training will be easier and just magically happen. Like everything child related, it depends on your child. Children could be ready at any time from 18months to 4 years.  Here are some of the signs that your child is ready to start toilet training. They may exhibit some or all of these.

* Dislikes wearing a wet or dirty nappy
If your child tries to take their wet or dirty nappy off or tells you when they have done a wee or poo, then they are starting to recognise that being wet is not comfortable for them. They may be interested in preventing that feeling.

* Can they tell you when they are about to wet themselves? Or even recognise when they are starting to wee or poo?  If they can do this then they are starting to become aware of their bodies signals.

* Shows interest in the bathroom
Do they want to follow you into the bathroom to see what happens?  They may be willing to have a try themselves.

*Can they follow simple instructions?
You will need to tell them what to do and they will need to be able to sit still and pull up/down their pants (although they can start with assistance).

*Do they have dry times throughout the day?
As children get older and they develop some bladder control they will start having periods throughout the day/night where they stay dry. If your child is able to hold their bladder for a while then they are ready to start training.

These are some of the main signs that your child is ready to start potty or toilet training. When you have seen these signs what do you do then? Stay tuned for part 2 with some tips for toilet training your youngster.

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