Snaps or Velcro?

One of the choices you will have when using cloth nappies is snap closure or Velcro. I have a combination in my son’s nappy stash. Generally which you choose is personal preference.  

I prefer to use Velcro on younger, skinnier babies as I find they give a better fit. I also try and have Velcro nappies ready when someone else is looking after my son as I feel that they are the most like disposables so will be easier (my son’s grandparents don’t have a problem with snaps either though). They are also easier for people with arthritis who might not have the hand dexterity to snap the snaps together.   

Velcro can get fluff caught in it and will catch on things in the washing machine. I have personally found that with some of my nappies, the Velcro tabs don’t stick to the laundry tabs any more so they get caught up with everything in the wash. Some brands use much better quality, long lasting Velcro than others.  

Another reason some people don’t like Velcro is the ability for children to take the nappy off themselves. Although I found that my son managed to undo snaps very shortly after he learnt to undo the Velcro and putting pants/shorts on over the top was the most effective way to keep a nappy on.

Have you ever had to put a nappy on a screaming or wriggly baby? Velcro is easier for a faster nappy change.

On the other hand snaps are more durable. Snaps will last a lot longer than many other parts of the nappy. Nappies that I have had for over 3 years the material has worn through but the snap part is still fine.

There are benefits to using both types of closure and what is easier for you will probably depend on your child and circumstances at the time. I would advise to try both snaps and Velcro closure on your child’s nappies and make your own decisions as to your favourite.