Why Use Cloth Nappies?

One of the most common questions I’m asked is why would I want to use cloth nappies? Most people have the vision of the olden days of flat nappies, of folding, being tied to the laundry and ewww, what about the poo???? But cloth nappies have changed over time. Modern cloth nappies now look like disposables and are as easy to use. Poo is relatively easy to discard especially if you use a flushable liner and have a nappy sprayer attached to your toilet.

Ease of Use- With modern cloth nappies there is no soaking and hours spent folding, although depending on the sort you use you might need to spend time putting them together. Many modern cloth nappies look just like disposables. WhenBaby Beehinds Magicall with Velcro you take them off your child simply empty any soiling into the toilet, put them into a dry bucket and then every couple of days, depending on how often you are washing, tip the bucket into the washing machine. Hang them on the line to dry and then put them together (if required) before reusing them.

Cost- Cloth nappies are cheaper over the long term compared with disposables, although they do have a larger up front cost. You can use cloth nappies reasonably cheaply by using terry squares or prefolds. Other middle cost options are buying OSFM (one size fits most) that should last until toilet training. Other people prefer to use sized nappies which have a larger up front cost as you need to buy larger sizes as your child grows. Cloth nappies can sometimes be reused with future children and can be sold second hand when you are finished with them if they are in good condition. 

Environment- Cloth nappies are better for the environment as it takes hundreds of years for disposable nappies to break down. Imagine all the disposables that are currently sitting in landfills around the world with their chemicals leaching into the soil. Every time a cloth nappy is used it helps lessen the amount of disposables going to landfill.

Your Babies Health. Disposable nappies do contain chemicals that contact the skin of your child. There has also been debate by medical professionals over the possibility that using disposable nappies leads to increased infertility in boys.  Grovia Plane All in One Nappy

They are cute! There are so many different types you can get and you can personalise them by getting embroidered nappies or fabric choices which match your childs interests.

Do you use cloth nappies? If you don’t is there a specific reason why? Let me know as i am always interested in other people’s opinions.