Toilet Training Your Child

There is no set age when potty or toilet training will be easier and just magically happen. Like everything child related, it depends on your child. Children could be ready at any time from 18months to 4 years.  Here are some of the signs that your child is ready to start toilet training. They may exhibit some or all of these.

* Dislikes wearing a wet or dirty nappy
If your child tries to take their wet or dirty nappy off or tells you when they have done a wee or poo, then they are starting to recognise that being wet is not comfortable for them. They may be interested in preventing that feeling.

* Can they tell you when they are about to wet themselves? Or even recognise when they are starting to wee or poo?  If they can do this then they are starting to become aware of their bodies signals.

* Shows interest in the bathroom
Do they want to follow you into the bathroom to see what happens?  They may be willing to have a try themselves.

*Can they follow simple instructions?
You will need to tell them what to do and they will need to be able to sit still and pull up/down their pants (although they can start with assistance).

*Do they have dry times throughout the day?
As children get older and they develop some bladder control they will start having periods throughout the day/night where they stay dry. If your child is able to hold their bladder for a while then they are ready to start training.

These are some of the main signs that your child is ready to start potty or toilet training. When you have seen these signs what do you do then? Stay tuned for part 2 with some tips for toilet training your youngster.

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