Newborn Gifts that New Parents Actually Need

Want to give a baby gift that the new parents can find some real use for? New moms and dads get showered with gifts from friends, family, and co-workers. Instead of adding to the pile, you might want to give a gift that matters. Here are some ideas that will help you do just that:

Baby First Aid Kit

New parents usually buy the nappies and wipes babies need by the dozen. However, most forget to pack a first aid kit for the newborn. After all, no parent imagines their tiny baby getting hurt. A newborn first aid kit would include items like infant thermometers that parents will find a use for throughout the baby’s first months. The new parents will not know they need it until you gift it, and would be very grateful as a result. These first aid kits are a basic precaution. If life threatening problems occur you should always refer to an expert.

Grooming Items

Newborn grooming items are usually left out of wish lists. Most parents focus on buying grooming items like combs, Bamboo towels which are the best bath towels available , and moisturizer when the baby is older. Therefore, they would certainly appreciate a gift from you that would help in the bathing and skincare ritual of the infant.

Sleep Aids

What’s that thing new parents complain the most about? Lack of sleep. They would be eternally grateful to you for gifting a sleep aid, like a sleeping mast. There are many useful items to choose from here. You can consider gifting white noise machines, pillow sprays, scented oils, and other items that help tired new moms and dads get some quality shut eye.

Pee Tepees

Is the newborn a baby boy? Then get the parents a “pee tepee.” In case you are wondering what that is, it’s essentially a mini tepee to cover a baby’s bottom half when changing diapers. It’s useful for preventing baby boys from spraying all over their parents. A quirky gift, but would certainly be appreciated.


New parents need a lot of diapers, and they would certainly appreciate getting more as presents. Diapers maybe a boring gift, but it is a very useful one. Keep in mind that diapers are expensive for some parents to afford. So gifting some would definitely be a gift the new parents look forward to.

Shopping Discounts

New parents don’t like to list everything they want on the wishlist. When it’s hard to guess what the parents might need, take the safe route and gift shopping cards. Choose outlets where parents can buy baby stuff. Online discount gift cards are great because parents can have the stuff delivered directly to their homes.

Crib Sheets

New parents take a lot of pictures of their baby, usually in the cradle. Gift them crib sheets with really cute prints that would be perfectly Instagrammable. Crib sheets require constant changing so new parents definitely need lots of sheets. You can pitch in and help with charming prints that would look great in photos for years to come.

Housecleaning Services

Take the unusual route and order a housecleaning service for the new parents. They would be too busy with the baby to vacuum the living room. Ask permission first, of course. It would be rare to hear a “no.”

Instead of presenting something the parents have already been gifted a dozen times over, try any of the above suggestions. Your gift would certainly stand out.


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